16th Biennial CIGAR Conference


Along the last 30 years, the CIGAR Network has been one, if not the main, international forum for discussing and researching on the most relevant and updated topics related to public sector accounting in its broadest meaning.

This year, which represents 30 years of the CIGAR Network, the Research Center in Accounting and Taxation of IPCA, together with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra, will organize the 16th Biennial CIGAR Conference, which will take place in the facilities of Porto of the Portuguese Institute of Chartered Accountants (OCC) in June 2017.

Authors interested in participating in this CIGAR Biennial Conference are challenged to present papers taking into account the above and in the following topics, among others:

  • International and European harmonization in public sector accounting, namely the adoption of IPSAS/EPSAS;
  • The role of accounting systems for ‘new’ phenomena;
  • The usefulness of public sector accounting information.

For more information check the official website of the conference through the following link: